Do You Know This Thing?

There is a thing called Glossary that tells you what special words mean. Not all the words — that is a thing called Dictionary. This is a Glossary of the words that I say so that if you read my blog post and you don’t know what a word means, you might be able to come here and find out.

Pointy Horses

Poor Mr Pibb

Horses are NOT supposed to be pointy!

A horse should be a thing that is round, not a thing that is flat and pointy. How can someone look at a horse that is flat and pointy and think it is an okay horse? Horses are supposed to be round: round butts, round bellies, round shoulders and bright eyes. A pointy horse is probably sad and very, very hungry.

My porpoise in life is to stop there from being pointy horses. That is why I have started the Honeycutt Nation Fund for Dollars so that my friends and I can help make pointy horses into round horses and keep round horses from becoming pointy.

Things I don’t understand, because I am a horse

1) Consequences

2) Perspective

3) Building Materials

4) Procrastination

5) Moderation

These are the things that I like


My favorite thing is grain. Tasty, tasty grain.
I also love to eat hays.
I love carrots so much.
My blanket keeps me warm and dry. My favorite blanket is the Weatherbeeta Landa in size 75. It fits me perfect and never gives me rubs. I have a thick one and a thin one, but if you want to buy me a present, I would love to have a really thick one.

My new hat!

My good friend Leslianne bought me my hat, which keeps flies out of my eyes and also keeps my nose
from getting pink. I love my hat and when mom says “Oh Honeycutt, do you want your hat?” I stand very still and let her put it on me.


This is a thing called Bear that I do not like at all! You can read the story of Bear by clicking here.

Things about me
I have two friends that I live with.
Jay is the oldest. He was a very bad racehorse when he was a baby, and now he is retired. He is 20.
Chance is the youngest. He is also very tall which is why I call him The Big Baby. He is a very silly horse who likes to play with sticks and also run and jump and stand on his back legs. He is afraid of me.

My name was given to me in 2005 when I was in the feedlot in Eastern Washington. Other horses who were there got named BJ, Hawkeye, and Hot Lips. We were all named after characters in a show called MASH. That is what happens when there are too many horses to name.