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Why am I asking you to join me? It is because I want to help other horses that are not as lucky as me. My goal is to raise $1000 every month to sponsor two SAFE horses and give them all the hays and tasty grains they need.

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Jay is the oldest

Yesterday and the day before that were very beautiful days in which the sky was blue and the trees were trying to look yellow, and orange like me. My friends and I had a lot of play time together out in the field. Mom put on her boots many times to come out to see us playing. We love her but when we see her coming with her camera, we stop playing and stare at her to see if it’s food time. When she goes back into her little house, we go back to playing. Our favorite games are called:

  • Taller Than You
  • The Rearing Game
  • Face-Boxing
  • Horse Racing

I am good at these games, even Taller Than You which is the game where you stick your head in the air as high as it goes while your friend tries to bite your face. Mom thinks that Taller Than You is a strange game because the Taller Than You horse is showing his throat to be bitten, but we don’t bite each other on the throat because that would be mean. Being a boy horse means pretending to be mean while playing, not being mean for real. We can be mean, but that would not be playing.

Can we help you?

Jay is the oldest but he likes playing even more than me or the Big Baby! Sometimes he chases me and bites my butt, but mostly we are good friends. Here is a picture of Jay and me that Mom really likes. She thinks it’s kind of a thing called arty, but she’s not really sure. I think I look short. I am short so the picture is right. But the picture makes me look like a pony, so the picture is wrong. Mom says, Oh Honeycutt! Jay is closer so he looks bigger. But I am a horse so don’t expect me to understand perspective.

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