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A thing you need to know

Sometimes I write poems about things that I love, like lovely hays and tasty, tasty grain. Sometimes I tell stories about Sinatra or Owen or The Big Baby. Sometimes I ask nice peoples for dollars for pointy horses. But right now I have to tell you about something important and true that peoples need to know about horses. I hope that many peoples will listen to this true thing.

There are peoples who think that horses don’t need peoples to live and this is just wrong! There are peoples who think that horses should be okay living in a field with no peoples around. I am a horse who says “Don’t sit on me” and “Don’t touch my face” and mostly I want peoples to leave me alone. But that does not mean that I do not need to be taken care of every day! Here at SAFE, nice peoples bring us hay four times on every single day and even tasty grain once time on a day. Nice peoples fill up our water tub two times on every day, so even if Sinatra knocked over the water tub, we would not be thirsty for very long. Other nice peoples come to our paddock on every day to take away our poops, and some other days other nice peoples come and brush us and put braids in our manes. And it seems like almost every hour someone walks by our paddock and says “Hello!” to me or Sinatra. And they smile at us, which is a very nice thing to do.

Our days are very interesting with all these nice peoples bringing lovely hays and smiling and saying “Hello!” But also, if I had a pain in my belly or my foot or my ear, someone would walk by and look at me and probably they would notice that I was feeling not right. They would probably say “Oh Honeycutt! What is wrong, old buddy?” and they might make a concerned face. Then they would call someone for help, like the vet, and pretty soon I would feel better. This is another very nice thing to do.

But imagine if no peoples walked by! Then no one would notice I was feeling not right and I would just keep on feeling not right for maybe a long, long time. Maybe I could get better, but maybe I would not. So if I was alone with no peoples walking by, a pain in my belly or my foot or my ear could maybe turn into something very, very bad. And no one would be able to make me feel better.

This is the true thing that peoples need to think about and know: Horses cannot be okay living in a field with no peoples around. Lovely hays need to come more than one time on a day so that horses can be eating most of the times. Water tubs can get knocked over and everyone gets thirsty, and that is bad. And peoples need to check on us to see that we don’t have a pain.

Peoples with horses living alone in a field really should not have horses. Those people would be better off with bicycles. And those horses would be better off with other peoples.

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