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Always say I Love You

the big babyMy friend the Big Baby is gone. He left his body here and went away into the sky, and now we are alone without our friend to stand with or run with or play with. This is the sad kind of Different, where a good friend was here and then he was Gone. But there really is no Gone with horses because we always remember our friends and keep them close to our hearts.

Friends are always with us but bodies can go away, even when you think they will be with you for every days. After they are Gone, you can’t bite them anymore or tell them to move away from the hays or race them up the hill. It’s not like when Mom would take the Big Baby in the trailer, because then the Big Baby would always come back, and we would all scream hello to him and ask Mom for our dinner. Now the trailer just sits, and we are all thinking about our friend and remembering him, which is how he will always be here with us.

There is a thing that is very important, do you know what that thing is? The important thing is always say I Love You when you feel I Love You because you never know when you might be seeing your friend in his body for the very last time. On the Big Baby’s last night in his body, Mom brought him into the barn to help him with a hurty thing called Abscess which is supposed to be in your foot, but the Big Baby had Abscess in his lip, which is so silly, just like the Big Baby. Mom was putting Hot on Abscess to help with healing, and I heard her say “Oh Chance! You are Good Horse, I love you so much!” She said this many times to the Big Baby before she said goodnight to us, and so it was the last words that went to his ears from her heart. We all miss the Big Baby, but we know he left us with love words in his ears.

Always say I Love You.

One Response to Always say I Love You
  1. Anita Freeze
    May 14, 2014 | 8:03 pm

    I’m so sorry to hear of you loss. I’m glad he knew he was loved before he left. Take extra good care of your mom.

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