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Why am I asking you to join me? It is because I want to help other horses that are not as lucky as me. My goal is to raise $1000 every month to sponsor two SAFE horses and give them all the hays and tasty grains they need.

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Loud Noises

Looking at you!

Looking at you!

Some humans love loud noises. Most horses do not love loud noises because we have extra good ears so that we can hear when Mom gets out of bed to remind her about breakfast. This weekend was the weekend of crazy loud noises that hurt our ears and scary lights too. I have known this time before, and I am always very glad when it is over. When the loud noises happen, we look at Mom with big eyes and say “Oh Mom! Please to make it stop being so loud!” But Mom isn’t making the loud noises, so this is what she can do: nothing. She gives us extra hays and stands outside in the dark with us, saying “You’re okay, you’re okay.” That won’t make the loud noises stop but it does make us feel a little bit better.

Once the loud noises and scary lights are over, it is time to start to think about SAFE Show. I know you know that thing, because we talk about it every year! But in case you forgot, SAFE Show is a thing where all the horses come and prance around to win shiny ribbons that don’t even taste good. But it is a time for getting many dollars for no more pointy horses, and that is the best thing of all. Every year my good friends and I collect dollars for Honeycutt Nation, which is a very exciting and fun way to use dollars. The dollars go to SAFE to buy lovely hays and tasty grain and other things for the SAFE horses.

Owen heard me talking with Mom about Honeycutt Nation this morning, and he wondered if there was an Owen Nation too. Of course there is no Owen Nation, that would just be silly! But then I felt a little bad for laughing at him, so maybe we can get dollars for Honeycutt Nation (and Owen) too. Just don’t tell Sinatra or we will have a very very long name.

I asked Mom how many dollars I have to put into the pot, and she said that because I am such a good horse who eats all my hays and doesn’t do dumb things, I have this many dollars to put in: twenty five! This year we have Goal which is this many dollars: four hundred. I hope that my good friends are there to help us reach Goal and help Honeycutt Nation (and Owen) be part of the SAFE Show.

Here is where to go to donate to the Honeycutt Nation for SAFE Show: click right here!

Honeycutt Nation (and Owen) Dollars for SAFE Show:

Honeycutt  $25.00

TOTAL: $25.00

GOAL: $400

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