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Do you know THIS thing?

Do you know this thing? (click to make picture big)

This weekend was very exciting in a way that was not good. I was in the front pasture having a discussion with the Big Baby when all of a sudden, we both saw THIS————>

Do you know this thing? It is a thing called BEAR and I do not like this thing called BEAR at all. Seeing Bear made us run in small circles with our tails going straight up in the air, which means “I am seriously scared!” Mom was getting our hays and tasty, tasty grain when she saw what we were saying. She came around to look at what we were looking at. What she did when she saw Bear was first take a picture of it with her phone (?!!??), and then she ran right towards Bear shouting “Oh Bear! Get out of here!” and waving her arms in a way that was very scary. Bear took one look at Mom and bumbled back into forest. Mom saved us from Bear.

To tell you how scared we were of Bear, I will tell you that I spent the next hour or so staring at where Bear was, even though my bowl was filled with tasty, tasty grain! I love tasty grain, but I had to watch for Bear to come back. This is how scared I was: Very scared! (Later I ate my grain, don’t worry!)

I was scared of Bear but I am happy to have an exciting story to tell on my blog. Bear did not come back and now things are back to normal.

2 Responses to Do you know THIS thing?
  1. Letitia
    November 7, 2011 | 11:54 pm

    Honeycutt, your mom is so brave! I’m glad bear didn’t eat your tasty grain.

  2. Honeycutt
    November 8, 2011 | 4:06 am

    Oh Letitia Tappa! Do you think Bear was after my tasty, tasty grain? That is a very bad Bear.

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