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Too many is good this time

Today is a day of buying PLY woods and other things that are good for building horse houses. Once I knew for sure that I had all of my breakfast, I told Mom the secret I had about people buying PLY Woods for me. The secret was that these are the people who bought PLY Woods:


Talking to Mom

Talking about PLY Woods

Mom said, Honeycutt! You are such a good horse to get all these PLY Woods to build horse houses with! And I let her give me a hug. But then she said, Honeycutt! You have 37 PLY Woods. But we only need 21 PLY Woods to make the horse house walls!

We stood and thought about this number problem. That’s when I saw that my little house has a TOP. I said mom, are the PLY Woods good for making horse house Tops? She said not exactly, but then she told me about corrugated metal sheeting which is a big flat thing that is good for putting tops on a horse house. I am a horse and I don’t understand building materials, but what that sounds like to me is a PLY Wood that you don’t want to bite!

So we can still use all the PLY Woods that the nice people bought, and other nice people can buy more PLY Woods if they want to. Mom says that the people who buy the PLy woods – even the metal ones — will be “recognized” in a special way. So keep buying the PLY woods and the new SAFE horses will have horse houses!

And even if I can’t show it, I love my friends very much.

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