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Yesterday I got a card in the mail that said this:

A donation has been made in your honor to SAFE Horse Rescue

to Honeycutt

For teaching us to always help the “pointy horses!” We love you, Honeycutt! Our hearts are with Ruby and all the wonderful SAFE friends.

Love, Holly and Cathe

Mom explained to me that my dear friends Holly and Cathe had made a donation of many dollars in my name. This made me feel two things at once. One thing was a swelling feeling in my heart that made me think of my good friends Holly and Cathe, and that was a very wonderful and warm feeling to have. The other feeling was also like two feelings at once: a feeling that made me want to pin back my ears and a feeling that made me want to run away and hide. That feeling made me think of poor Ruby.

Ruby is a Pointy Horse and that is wrong

Ruby is a Pointy Horse and that is wrong

Ruby is a Pointy Horse. I have said many times that no horses should be pointy, but sometimes there are things that are even worse than just a Pointy Horse. One of those worse things is a Pointy Mama Horse who is going to have a baby. A mama horse should be the roundest horse of all! She should be given lots of lovely hays and tasty, tasty grains to eat because she is about to give you the greatest gift of all: the gift of a lovely foal. I don’t understand how a person could be so horribly cruel as to let a mama horse be hungry and pointy!

This is why thinking about Ruby makes me want to pin my ears & bite and run away & hide at the same time. It makes my heart hurt. It makes me want to kick the peoples who did this to Ruby. But kicking peoples is bad, and I’m not a bad horse, so then I want to run away and hide because I don’t know what to do when there is evil in the world that makes Pointy Mama Horses.

Mom does not like it when I am so upset, but she respects me too much to not tell me the truths. One truth is that Ruby’s foal did not survive her mama horse being so pointy, and now that filly foal is in heaven. I will never get to meet this filly foal. I will never get to pin my ears at her and tell her to go away. She will never get to know about lovely hays or tasty grain or live in a little house or play horse games with her friends. She will also never be pointy or cold or afraid, and for that I am thankful. But I am very sad for Ruby because now she is pointy and she has no filly foal either.

My friends at SAFE are working hard to make Ruby not be pointy any more, and I think someday soon Ruby will be round again, and maybe she won’t remember that she doesn’t have her filly foal, and she can start a new life that is wonderful and happy.

There is something very important that I need to say about SAFE. SAFE is a thing that is very, very good at helping pointy horses like Ruby. They have lots of people who can help Pointy Horses like Ruby: peoples who are vets who can take care of her pointy body, people who are volunteers who can feed her and pick up her poops, people who give dollars to pay for medicines that Pointy Horses needs, and people who can find new homes for the Pointy Horses when they are round again. These are things that SAFE can do.

But SAFE is only as big as it is right now which means that it can only help this many horses at one time: 28. Right now, there are 28 Round Horses at SAFE who don’t need SAFE anymore! They need homes of their own, with their own lovely hays and their own little house and their own horse friends to play with. This is a thing called ADOPT, do you know this thing? Adopt is when you find a round horse from SAFE and you say, “Round Horse, come home with me so that SAFE help a Pointy Horse in the place where you used to be!” I want all of you peoples who have farms and horse houses to find a horse that you can say that to. And if you can’t say that, then think very hard because maybe you know someone who can say it. It’s very very important that somebody says this because SAFE needs to have places where they can help Pointy Horses when the Pointy Horses need help! I don’t want to make you think about what would have happened if Ruby had not been taken to SAFE to have her filly foal when there was a doctor there to help. Don’t think about that because it’s awful. Instead think about who you know who can give a home to a Round Horse so that SAFE can always say yes when the Pointy Horses need help.

Friends, I know that I am asking a lot, but you have to see how important this is. You are all very smart and you have lots of friends, and surely there are people out there who can give a good home to a Round Horse. I will be back soon to tell you about all of the Round Horses, or you can go to this place — Meet the SAFE Horses — and start looking for your new best friend.

2 Responses to Pointy Horse
  1. StarWise
    April 17, 2014 | 1:05 am

    Dear Bonnie & Honeycutt, I have just blogged about this, in a bid so that if there are people out there who can put their money and their hands where their mouth is, so to speak, some will support the SAFE horses thru adoption or donations. The story of Grace and beautiful Ruby is very sad and I can only say a BIG thank you to S.A.F.E. for helping.

  2. Jackie Liles
    August 13, 2014 | 12:30 am

    Honeycutt, I want to let you know that Ruby is no longer a pointy horse and she now is a beautiful round horse. All because of your Mom and her wonderful friends who saved her and got her to the doctor for help. She is happy, affectionate, curious and is looking forward to learning how to be ridden so she can show off what a good horse she will be for her perfect person.

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