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Why am I asking you to join me? It is because I want to help other horses that are not as lucky as me. My goal is to raise $1000 every month to sponsor two SAFE horses and give them all the hays and tasty grains they need.

To join the Honeycutt Nation, just click on this thing called a link which is hiding under these words!
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Can we do Sponsor again?


Last year we did this!

The SAFE Horse Show is coming up again. One year, I was a Show Horse who went to the Horse Show and that was a thing that was Different. It was Good Different because I met many nice people and got to be a very Good Horse but it was Bad Different because I had to stay in a strange stall for many days and sometimes I was scared. The next year I was not a Show Horse but instead my friends and I were a thing called Sponsor for the Horse Show, and that is a very good thing to be because you get to help but you can also stay home.

So again this year, I want to be part of the Show, because the Show is all about helping SAFE. I want to do this thing very much for Honeycutt Nation. Sponsorship means that dollars are donated to SAFE and then something gets named after Honeycutt Nation. Last year we were Sponsor for the Trails Arena. This year, Goal is to be Sponsor for the EMT Service at the Horse Show. That way if someone gets a boo boo, the Honeycutt Nation EMTs will rush over and make them feel all better! But we have to raise 150 dollars to do this on one day, or $300 to do this on BOTH days. Let’s try for Both Days!

Please dear friends, won’t you help Honeycutt Nation be the sponsor? I have 10 whole dollars that I can contribute. Ten dollars is a lot of dollars if you’re a horse, but maybe not so many if you are a person.

If you want to chip in and help me with this goal, you can click on this link right here and donate some dollars. Don’t forget to pick “Honeycutt Nation” so that your dollars will be added to my dollars and we can be Sponsor together!

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