who is Honeycutt?
Honeycutt is me, and I am a horse. I am helpful, handsome and I am the best at bucking, painting and poems. I am lucky to be a SAFE horse, and I want all horses everywhere to be as lucky as me. This is my website and my blog, where I talk a lot about eating and also helping.
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Honeycutt & SAFE
I am a rescue horse that lives at Save a Forgotten Equine (SAFE) horse rescue in Washington state. Here's what SAFE has to say about me.

In 2005, SAFE rescued Honeycutt from an Eastern Washington feedlot where he was in grave danger of being sent to a Canadian slaughterhouse. We don't know much of Honeycutt's history prior to the feedlot but we do know that he was a bucking horse and that he was abused to the point that he is terrified of humans.

Despite his fear, Honeycutt is a sweet, gentle horse who has his own ways of connecting with the people he encounters. In early 2011, he revealed a talent for blogging. Soon after, he began to express himself through painting and poetry. Most recently, he has shown his altruistic side by starting the Honeycutt Nation Fund for Dollars, raising money for horses in need.
blog of Honeycutt

Where is my blanket?

The opposite of shadow

Now if you were to look out and see me, you would see something white right next to me. If you looked again a little while later, you would see the white thing again! The white thing is called Sinatra, do you know that thing? Sinatra is another SAFE horse who lives with me now,…

Play time with Sinatra and the Big Baby

This may look like I am a very mean horse, but don’t worry, I would not ever kick Sinatra for reals. It’s a horse thing.

One carrot

Sometimes when there is only one carrot, Mom breaks it into three pieces so we all get a bite. Today there was only one carrot, and I got the whole thing. Mom said it was because I am special, and not because I was the closest to the house.

Show Horse

Mom has been looking at me funny lately. I know it is because she is wishing that she could take me to the SAFE Horse Show and try again to make me be a Show Horse. I was a Show Horse in 2011, and I did not like it very much. The worst part about…

Can we do Sponsor again?

The SAFE Horse Show is coming up again. One year, I was a Show Horse who went to the Horse Show and that was a thing that was Different. It was Good Different because I met many nice people and got to be a very Good Horse but it was Bad Different because I had…

Never say diet

My name is Honeycutt and I am many things. I am a painter and a poet. I am a red horse. I am a rescue horse. I am a champion bucker. I am a blogger. But there is one thing that I am not: I am not a pointy horse. This is a good thing…

What SAFE made for me!

Oh friends, nothing would make me happier than for you to take the dollars that you would use to buy me Present and give them to SAFE instead to help the Pointy Horses! I have a Special Page and a Birthday Card that you can sign, and you can find it if you click on…

Everyone has Birthday

Two days ago it was Jay’s birthday and now he is 21 years old. Jay is a Thoroughbred and that means that somewhere there is a big book that has his name written in it with his mom and his dad and his birthday too. The Big Baby is in this book, and so are…

Thinking about friends

Today I am thinking a lot about friends. I have two good friends who are Jay and Chance. Jay has been my friend for many, many years, and Chance is a newer friend of mine. When you see us you will know that we are friends because we might be trying to bite each other…