Honeycutt Nation

My name is Honeycutt and I am a horse. Because of SAFE, I have so many wonderful things in my life. I have a little house to stand in when it’s too rainy or too sunny. I have hays to eat every day three times a day, and there is tasty, tasty grain in my bowl. I have a rainsheet for when it gets too wet and a blanket for when it gets too cold. I have friends that I can play with and bite, and people who come to scrape my feet and my teeth when they get too long. I am a lucky horse.

But there are other horses that are not so lucky, and some that are just plain unlucky. SAFE is there to help as many of the unlucky horses as they can, but they need many dollars to do that. I am always thinking of things I can do for SAFE to get dollars for them, like my painting, or my Poem Book. But now there is also the Honeycutt Nation Fund for Dollars, and this is a very good way to help horses.

You can join Honeycutt Nation by pledging 10 dollars or 25 or even this many: 50. Every month the members of Honeycutt Nation will collect their dollars and use them to sponsor a SAFE horse! If we have 500 dollars, we can sponsor one SAFE horse! I want to sponsor TWO SAFE horses, so for that we need 1000 dollars every month.

Here is where I will update everyone on the progress of the growth of the Honeycutt Nation. I hope you will think about joining the Honeycutt Nation because we can help horses together. That will make use all feel happy, and it will make unlucky horses into luckier ones.

To join us, just click on this thing called a link which is hiding under these words!

Honeycutt Nation Update

Hello all my friends! I am here to introduce you to a new friend who is Celine Lai. Celine Lai just joined the Honeycutt Nation to send some dollars to help pointy horses every month. Celine Lai is a blog writer like me and she wrote about Honeycutt Nation and SAFE on her blog which is called facinatingamazinganimals.com. Since I am a very fascinating animal and also quite amazing, I am very happy to be talked about on that blog.


Shay is not pointy anymore!

Celine Lai also wrote  me a letter which said “I hope that Honeycutt Nation soon has enough members to be able to enter me and the other members into the draw for Honeycutt’s Poem Book !!” This reminded me that I have not asked my newest friends to join Honeycutt Nation and help us gather our dollars to help SAFE horses like Shay, who is the SAFE horse that the Honeycutt Nation sponsors! Here is a picture of Shay to help you remember—————————–>

Please join Honeycutt Nation and give a little bit of dollars each month to add to the other people’s dollars and when there are 20 members of Honeycutt Nation all together, we will have a drawing and send one of you a copy of Poem Book. Poem Book is very rare, and the last one we had was traded for this many dollars at the SAFE Auction: 500! Click here to join Honeycutt Nation!

Thank you for the lovely hays!

The Feed Drive is over, did you know that? SAFE raised a lot of dollars, this many : 10,120! They had a thing called Goal, and yesterday they reached Goal, which is a very good thing to do. Now the SAFE horses will have lots of lovely hays and tasty, tasty grain to eat, and…

What I believe in


Three new friends

Since today is such an awful rainy day, I have decided to cheer everyone up by telling you about my three new friends. These new friends have joined the Honeycutt Nation to help us take care of our special horse, which is the SAFE horse called Shay. (Do you know this horse?) Shay is doing…

Honeycutt Nation Update – Jan 2012

The Honeycutt Nation is made up of 12 wonderful peoples, together we raise 300 dollars every month! That is enough to sponsor 2/3rds of a horse which is very good! If we could raise 500 dollars every month, we could sponsor an entire horse which would be very, very good! So we need more people…

Welcome Tracy!

Another new friend joined the Honeycutt Nation and she is Tracy. Now we have 10 members and $140 per month. There is a thing called percent, do you know this thing? Percent says we are 14% to our goal of $1000 per month. That means that we have enough money to sponsor the face and…

Two new members are here!

Two more good friends have joined the Honeycutt Nation Fund for Dollars. They are one old friend who is Bernadette who is Phoenix’s mom, and one new friend who is Elizabeth. Now we have 9 members and a total of 125 dollars per month. So we are closer to our goal of 1000 dollars.

peoples of Honeycutt Nation
Leslianne Carbary
Marcie Gwiazdon
Anita Freeze
Valerie Vaughn
Elizabeth Stephan
Tracy Green
The Hagstrom Family (my good friends!)
Vicki Goff
Beth Geiger
Rosana Lapuente
Julie Morton
Andrew Franck
Celine Lai