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How to be good

All the time it rains and rains and rains and we are all very soggy and sad horses. Mom feeds us and picks up our poops but she is very tired and does not always seems so happy. I look at her with my brown eyes and she tells me that I am handsome, but it is not so easy to make her smile. I wish the rain would stop so that the mud would go away and Mom would not have to work so hard to move our poops to the poop pile.

Mom says that our friends on the Interwebs want to see new pictures and videos of us but that is hard because of Sinatra. If there is a camera about, Sinatra will be front and center in the picture, that is not the reason it is hard. The reason is because Sinatra in the wintertime is the messiest, dirtiest horse that ever lived. I do not know why he is so dirty except that he rolls in the mud as if he doesn’t want to be a white horse anymore. Mom doesn’t want to show anyone a picture of Sinatra looking so dirty and wet and awful. If you are thinking that she should clean him then I need to tell you some things about Sinatra. One thing is that as soon as Sinatra is clean, he will go get dirty again. Another thing is that when you try to clean Sinatra, he turns into a wiggle worm and tries to steal your brushes and eat your coat. It takes a lot of energy and patience to clean Sinatra, and Mom is running a little bit short on both of those things.

I don’t want to be a tattletale, do you know that thing? A tattletale is someone who tells things about someone else that he doesn’t really have to tell but that he wants to tell anyway. Usually someone is a tattletale when they are good and the someone else is bad. But I don’t want any of my friends to think that Mom is bad because she doesn’t have the energy or patience to clean Sinatra, so I am going to be a tattletale. That might make me bad, but I’m doing it to help Mom feel better so I don’t care.

Sinatra on a "good day"

Sinatra on a “good day”

Sinatra did a terrible thing! One day Mom was not home and she did not come back home until it was very dark. We were all waiting patiently for Mom to come home and give us our dinner, but Sinatra decided he did not want to wait anymore. He opened the gate to the outside, which is very bad because that gate was locked and it is supposed to stay locked unless Mom is taking us to the field. But Sinatra opened the gate and let himself out of our area. Then he went into the barn where the hays and tasty grain live and that is a place that no horses are supposed to go by themselves ever! Sinatra found a little bit of tasty grain in the barn and ate that all up, but there was not very much so he looked for more. He didn’t find more, but he did make a huge, gigantic mess of the barn while he was looking. He tore down all the blankets, and emptied the shelves, and dumped all the trash, and made the barn aisle look like a storm had gone right through it. When Mom got home she saw all the mess, and wanted to cry because she was very very tired, and it was very very rainy, and everything seemed like a disaster. But Mom did not cry. She gave us our dinner, and then she cleaned up the mess, and then she went into her little house and went to bed.

After we ate our dinner, me and Jay and the Big Baby told Sinatra that he was very very bad for what he did. We told him that we did not open our gates and go make disasters because good horses don’t do things like that. Oh friends, I wish I could tell you that Sinatra looked at the ground and said he was sorry and said that he would be good from now on, but that would be a thing called a lie, and horses can’t do that thing, even horses who have their own blogs. Sinatra was not sorry, no matter what we said and no matter how many ears we pinned.

Sinatra is special, and sometimes that means that he will do bad things and not be sorry. And that is hard because it makes people like Mom very sad and tired, but it does not mean that he is a bad horse. He still deserves a Person, and a little house, and lots of hays to eat. It is time for Sinatra’s real Person to come and get him and teach him how to be good.

This is a sad story I am telling you and I don’t mean for it to be so sad. I think we are all just tired because the rain won’t stop falling. To all my friends who are sad and tired, including Mom, I just want to say please keep putting one hoof in front of the other because Spring is coming and things will get better before you know it. Soon we will all be warm and happy and comfortable, and these wet, sad days will be forgotten. There is a home out there all of the SAFE horses, even for Sinatra, and there is so much happiness and friends and hays and tasty grains ahead.

2 Responses to How to be good
  1. Vicki Goff
    March 10, 2014 | 7:45 pm

    Oh Honeycutt! Aside from being handsome and smart you are also a ray of sunshine. Your story makes me feel not so bad about being tired of the rain.

  2. Star Wise
    March 14, 2014 | 4:54 am

    Dear Bonnie, thank you for being an angel to Honeycutt and Sinatra and all the S.A.F.E. horses. You are a truly kind and wonderful person, and an inspiration. I hope that the fine days are there to stay. Like Honeycutt, I know how much will-power and time and energy it takes for you to invest in your beloved horse family, and wish to say Congratulations in keeping your horses well cared for and safe.

    Please look after yourself, give yourself a “treat” and do what you like with Honeycutt’s blog.

    Hugzzz and Hayzz to All,


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